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Ladies Handiwork Arrives at Trading Post

Posted by Rusty LaGrange on April 9, 2015 (Comments Closed)

The latest in ladies handiwork have just been delivered by stagecoach. We’re hurrying to get them out and displayed. Once completely on the shelves of the Trading Post, you’ll have the top quality doilies, dresser scarves, and demi cloth available.

Prices will be set based on Vintage, Collectible, and New World. First come, first served.

My Momma used to make these dainty little doilies and attach them to the jar tops of preserves and jellies. A narrow ribbon around the lid secured the doily very well. Those gifts were cherished by both ladies and their husbands.

The larger doilies were often placed on arm chair backs and side arms to reduce the oils penetrating the upholstery cloth. Most times they were crocheted using an ecru bone color thread and a fine hook. A few I have in a darker beige tone. Some are made by tatting intricate loops together to form a fancy pattern for either a doily or dresser scarf. Momma showed me how to tat years ago but it’s hard to remember if you don’t do it often enough.

There’s a trend now for ladies planning their wedding gowns and trousseaus to have a vintage purse to match. Some of these are created by taking a round doily and weaving a color-matched velvet ribbon through the edges, and by pulling the ribbon, making the doily come together much like a satchel. Others have gone a step further and lined the purse with matching satin lining.

I do wish I were more of a seamstress than just a purchasing agent for the Trading Post. Either way I have no time to work such magic and create such pretty purses. If you make them, please send me a photo and I can post it here. It always helps to see an idea before actually making it on your own.